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Edit MP4 on Mac OS X with MP4 Editor Mac

With the purpose of making MP4 files looks much more perfect and comfortable to your eyes, this MP4 Editor Mac provides you with powerful functions which must satisfy you extremely. You are allowed to any part of video by trimming video segment, customize video to your own portable device by croping video to a sertain playing area, and get the better image and sound quality by adjusting its brightness, staturation and contrast.

Using Mac MP4 Editor, just cost you a few minutes, your MP4 files will be change into a totally different but much more terrific one. Just enjoy this wizardly program right not, free download is surported.

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1. Install the Mac MP4 Editor.

Step 1: Download the program installation file (*.dmg).
Step 2: Double click the downloaded .dmg file.
Step 3: You will see a popped up window with an icon in it.
Step 4: Drag the icon to your desktop.
Step 5: Double click the icon on your desktop and the program will be launched.

2. How to edit MP4 Mac.

Run MP4 Editor Mac, the open interface shows as following:


Firstly, You have to add files to MP4 Editor Mac to get ready for editing, multiple files are surported to be inported to Mac MP4 Editor. By pressing the buttons below the view panel, you can preview and take some pictures of video freely like the following picture shows:

Effect function:

Click the "effect" button on the top of main menu, you will enter the adjusting window, here MP4 Editor Mac surports you to adjust video brightness, staturation and contrast by dragging the slidebar derictly. Comparing the output preview and original preview you will be sure to get the right image suitable for you.

mac mp4 editor

Trim function:

Click "trim" button, Mac MP4 Editor enable you to get any certain part of video by use its trimming function. You are mange to trim the video segment by setting the "start" time and "end time" in bottom boxes, you can also drag the slidebar directly.

edit mp4 mac

Crop function:

Portable devices users are all have experience that the downloaded video image can not reach its perfect image impact because of the size of playing area. At this time, you have to crop video playing area to make it fitable to your portable device. This Mac MP4 Editor can just help you, you can easly to crop video by setting Left, Top, Right, Bottom crop values on the bottom of the window.

edit mp4 on mac

Just four simple steps, you will get the perfect output video customized by this functional MP4 Editor Mac, it is rather a helpful assistant to edit MP4 Mac.

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