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Best Phone clone software to copy any phone data from one phone to another. User can directly copy contacts, pictures, videos, songs from iPhone to Android, and android to iPhone. like iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy S6.

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OS supported (Windows): Window 8/7/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista


Copy old phone data to new phone

Chasing a newly realeased modle of Phone is not a fresh topic now, various kind of resarch indicated that one people would change at least two phones a year on average. Then how can copy the contacts, photos, music and other Phone data to the new Phone with few clicks just as easy as copy a file from computer to a usb? Emicsoft Phone copy gives the right answers, with emicsoft phone copy (mac & windows), User can simply connect Phones and FoneCopy will transfer phone numbers, pictures, music as well as other media files from old phone to your new cellphone. All files detected by the Phonecopy are automatically migrated to the new purchased phone.

Sync contacts, photos, messages, videos from iPhone to Android and vice versa

Irrespective of you turn iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone, this phone copy software aids to sync the data within your cellphone. So for those who never realize how to copy contacts from iPhone to Android, migrate images from Android telephone to iPhone, attempt FoneCopy. It is actually effective at transferring contacts, images and media files involving iPhone and Android devices. The complete copy course of action is lossless with simply 1 click.

Copy valuabe data from a dead or smashed phone with Phonecopy

When your cellphone got broken and unusable nevertheless it may be identified by the computer system, we still can not check the data stored in those broken Phone, not talking about copying all data and recover even to your computer. We can not garantee our Phonecopy can 100% retrieve back data from those brick phones, yet it worth a try on the precondition that your Phone can be recognized by your computer, Of which means you could backup all data from your smashed cellphone to a normal phone safely.

Afraid of data loss with iTunes? It will not happy anymore.

For iDevice(iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc) users, iTunes is a effective ios data manager software with it's world known function of Sync mechanism. But many users still tend to find an alternative of iTunes. As iTunes has a fatal defect, it usually overwritten the old data with the new data information while syncing your ios devices. and the processe is not reversable, all former data shall be erased and can not be retrieved back again. To make phone to phone clone in a safer way is just what Emicsfot PhoneCopy does.

More Features

Keep updating with phone models

The latest iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Air 2/mini 3, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4, Note 4/3/2, HTC One series, LG G3, Huawei Ascend Mate 7, Sony Xperia Z3, etc. are all supported. We shall keep updating with new models of Phone, keep the pace of those famoust phone manufactores. Once they release a new cellphone, we shall imediately add new profile of the certain newest cellphone to enable your copy management.

Phone to Phone Copy Mode

Phone copy shall catch the first usb connected data in a temporary file foleder. Once phoecopy backup all data finished, it will give you a notice to plugin your another cellphone. Just connect your new phone to your computer and click confirm button, Our fonecopy shall automatically sync all data to your new cellphone.


Emicsoft Phone copy is a cross platform running environment supported Phone clone software. It is QT C++ designed and very stable on either mac os x system and windows system.

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You are able to opt for delete files on target device ahead of transferring new files. That is quite considerable design and style and tends to make it unique from iTunes. I feel it is safer and easy.As for the file transfer function, I consider this file transfer tool is far better than iTunes, since it is additional practical and permits you to shield the original information from getting erased.


I am a faithful fan for Emicsoft. I've bought FoneCopy. It operate incredibly nicely and I like it a lot. A single much more crucial issue is the fact that the computer software might be lifetime and upgraded free of charge. It is quite valuable for iOS customers. Very simple but terrific! The interface of this telephone transfer tool is extremely easy. However the transfer function is truly wonderful. It helped me copied all contacts from my old iPhone five to new iPhone six. All free of charge!


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